Blue Card Germany

Germany simplified the process for skilled immigrants from outside of Europe and introduced a “Blue Card Germany”, effectively granting entry to anyone with a university degree and a job offer with a minimum salary of €50,000 to €64,000 a year. The Blue Card Germany – here are the facts:

  • Germany has no annual limit on the number of immigrants applying for a Blue Card.
  • Processing times are short.
  • Applicants for high-skilled occupations are rarely turned down.

Some of the benefits of a Blue Card in Germany:

  • The German Blue Card is tied to specific employment with a particular employer only for the first two years. You may accept any highly-qualified employment with any employer subsequent afterwards.
  • No proof of German language skills needs to be provided in order to obtain a Blue Card for Germany.
  • The married spouse of the holder of a German Blue Card is entitled to be issued with a residence permit.
  • No occupational fields are excluded as long as the conditions for obtaining a Blue Card for Germany are met.
  • Holders of the Blue Card in Germany can be issued with permanent residency status for Germany. You may apply for permanent residency in Germany 21 months after you received your Blue Card.

We offer to evaluate your options for a German Blue Card. Our German Visa & Blue Card Assessment in conjunction with a consultation will provide you with in depth advice and the options and procedures for you to succeed in your quest to immigrate to Germany.


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