Skills Recognition in Germany

An important step in planning your future in Germany is to determine whether your qualifications will be recognized – this process is called skills recognition. For some occupations, official skills recognition is mandatory, while for others it may provide a great advantage in finding the right job. Germany Migration International can provide tailored advice on whether a skills recognition is required or recommended for your profession, and identify the appropriate authority for your occupation in the area that you wish to live and work.

You do not have to be in Germany to proceed with the skills recognition process, we can make all the arrangements on your behalf before you arrive. Another advantage in having us facilitate your skills recognition assessment is that many staff members in the qualification authorities speak only German.


Planning to have your qualifications recognized in Germany:

  • You must have completed a vocational and/or a professional qualification
  • Professional experience is taken into consideration
  • The cost range is generally between €200 and €600
  • The time frame for assessment is up to 3 months from the time all necessary documentation has been provided and submitted to the relevant authority. We will ensure you are aware of the necessary requirements upfront to minimize the assessment time as much as possible.
  • The outcome of the recognition assessment will be that your qualification is not recognized, partially recognized, or recognized in full. Full recognition means that your qualification is equivalent to the corresponding German qualification. If your qualification has not been fully recognized, the recognition authority will provide information on what you can do to obtain full recognition, including any costs involved.


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