Working in Germany

Working in Germany is for most people a life style choice. Most importantly, you need to have a work visa which allows you to live and work in Germany. German work visa categories are based on two options: you may apply either for general employment (German Employment Visa) or for self-employment (German Business Visa) if you seek to establish a business in Germany.


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Employment Visa for Germany

A German work visa application under the general employment category is usually based on two basic conditions:

  • Your Vocational qualification
  • A concrete offer of a contract of employment

Processing times for a work visa may exceed three months after lodgement with the relevant German authority.


Starting a Business in Germany (Self-Employment)

To start your business in Germany your business needs to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Having a beneficial economic impact
  • Fulfilling the needs of the Federal Republic of Germany or specific regional or local needs
  • Be fully covered by your own capital or bank loan

Processing times for a self-employment visa may exceed six months after lodgement with the relevant German authority.


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    Which German visa, blue card or work permit is right for me?

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