Points Test Germany

Points Test Germany: Citizens of Non-EU countries need a work permit to live and work in Germany. Up until recently this was only possible with a Blue Card Germany or by having skills in an occupation much needed in Germany. Now, immigration project PuMa makes immigration possible by way of a point-test. This project is expected to run up to September 2019 and is limited to the German State of Baden-Württemberg.


Immigrate to Germany with the Points-Test

There’s currently a minimum score of 100 points required. Points may be scored from the following criteria (any combination permitted):

  • Mandatory knowledge of the German language (min. level required: A2): 25-50 points
  • Well integrated relatives in Baden-Württemberg (up to second degree): 50 points
  • Previous stay in Germany:                 50 points
  • Previous stay in the EU: 25 points
  • Advanced stage of the knowledge of the French or English language: 25 points

You may score the 100 points with every combination, however ‘A2’ German language level is mandatory. Also, your skills and qualifications must be recognized in Germany.

As soon as above qualification and language conditions have been met and you score 100 points (or more) you’ll enter the pool of applications, to which employers of the region have access. You’ll be allowed to enter Germany and receive a work permit once you get a concrete job offer.


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Points Test and visa solutions

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